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About The Show

Titus and Isaac are up and coming conservative YouTube/Podcasters who have had success individually on youtube, but have now come together to create their joint podcast Smith Bros, which will be airing on all platforms. Smith Bros will be a conservative podcast mostly talking about news events that are occuring around the world, but will also cover things like up and coming movies, tv series, sports etc.. with political themes tied into them. You are going to want to make sure you don’t miss out on the rise of the Smith Brothers.


Titus and Isaac were raised in a large family of 9 in the suburbs of Grand Rapids Michigan, by Pastors Philip and Bernadette Smith. Philip and Bernadette have for all of their marriage been outspoken about their conservatives values, despite the controversy that came about being black people who were raised in predominantly democrat controlled areas. The couple made it their mission to raise their children with strong christian values, clearly showing them what’s right from what’s wrong. Consequently in doing so they raised their children to be christian conservatives. Titus and Isaac have taken the wise teachings of their parents and incorporated them into their everyday lives. Now the brothers are sharing what was instilled in them from a very young age to the general public, and in the process doing so have gained quite the following. As you continue to watch and listen to what the brothers have to say, you will not only get to know them better, but you will also get to know the ones who raised them.


Titus and Isaac (The Smith Bros) as black conservatives want to bring awareness to the tyrannical take over of the far left in the United States. The far left has been slowly creeping its way into our government, school system, and our workplaces, and it’s the Smith Bros mission to bring the facts of what is truly going on to the everyday person. The brothers have covered very controversial topics like Kyle Rhitenhouse’s innocence, Black Lives Matter being corrupt, CRT being racist, Abortion is murder, and so much more. The brothers are always looking for new topics to cover, so that all of their supporters always stay up to date with what’s happening in this country and around the world, shedding light on the slow but progressively faster indoctrination of the far left. One of the biggest passions of the two brothers is to bring awareness to the fact that the black community is only oppressed, because they believe that they are, and that if they stop listening to the woke democratic party that tells them things will always be this way, then they won’t be. They want it to be clear that despite the fact that there are racist people in this country, there is no systemic law that prohibits their success, so we strongly encourage them to get out of the victim mindset, and push forward to their desired success.


You can tune in at least 3 days a week on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s at 7:30 pm CST for the long form podcast with the brothers. Don’t forget to tune in for some fun, facts, and Freedom! The brothers are dedicated to getting the truth out to the people on a daily basis. So when their long form videos aren’t out you can expect clips, and short form videos coming your way on the Smith Bros channel, and also the brothers individual channels. With the Smith Bros you will never have to worry about content coming your way.


If you would like to know where to find the brothers you can find them on YouTube by searching Smith Bros, as well as their individual channels for some shorter style videos as well as our selection of long form uploads, or you can follow us on Rumble to make sure you’re always getting the full scoop with our completely uncensored content! The brothers currently film in their home studio located in the lone star state, the great state of Texas.


Titus Smith after watching the final presidential debate, saw that Now President Biden was blatantly lying about his promise to not ban fracking. Which in Hindsight he clearly was. The brothers had both seen numerous clips of Biden’s plan to end the production of fossil fuels and move towards a “Greener” way of Life, with the introduction of electric cars. After seeing this Titus took to Tik Tok and exposed the obvious lies coming from Joe Biden’s mouth. That video started to gain traction and Titus saw that there were people who liked his brutal honesty, common sense, and conviction. Later the Smith Bros uploaded a comedic video of Isaac’s first time ever voting. The premise of the video was that the brothers were incognito Trump voters, and they had to act incognito because they are both black(and “it’s not acceptable to be black and conservative nowadays”). Needless to say that video also received a whole lot of views. From that moment on the Smith Bros continued to gain popularity on Tik Tok, and from there eventually switched over to YouTube Where they would find even more success. The brothers love that people genuinely wanted to hear their beliefs, and that for a lot of individuals it was a breath of fresh air to hear some younger individuals speak such common sense in a world where feelings have become “more true” than facts.


The Smith Bros have gotten their message out in multiple different ways, some of which have been from rants, comedic skits, reaction videos, and long for uploads detailing their thoughts and opinions on specific matters. The brothers spend countless hours braining storming new ideas, searching for content to react to, and acting out their comedic skits. Titus and Isaac are constantly trying to improve their content and find new ways to entertain, but most importantly bring the truth to the people who feel hopeless.

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