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On this episode the smith bros break down the results of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. From the jump the brothers made it clear where they stand when it comes to Kyle and the events that occurred over a year ago; When Kyle decided to protect the business of his hometown during the black lives matter protests, with lethal force if needed. Kyle ended up having to use his firearm when protesters started to chase, and beat Kyle simply for being a white male with a gun. For months the media dragged Kyle’s name through the mud; calling him every slur they could muster up for a white male. Later after these events occurred Kyle was charged with First degree intentional homicide, attempted first degree homicide, First degree reckless homicide, and two counts of First degree reckless endangering safety. Kyle claimed that everything he did was purely in self defense, and later on during the trial Kyle’s claims appeared to be proven true; when video evidence surfaced of people chasing him down beating him and only then did Kyle shoot in self defense. In this video you will see the brothers reaction to this bogus trial, and the pure joy they had when justice was finally served.

In this episode the Smith Bros break down the Jussie Smollet case. As I’m sure most of you know, Jussie claimed that he was jumped out on the streets by two white racist Trump supporters. Mainstream media immediately picked up the story and blasted Trump for being a neo nationalist, and white supremacist; Saying that if Trump didn’t beliveve this way, than his followers wouldn’t do things like that. Later on in the coming months Jussie Smollets story was proven to be miss-information. A video was released of the supposed “jumping” and in the video you see Jussie had actually paid two not white, but black people to pretend to jump him so that he could bring awareness to the lovely organization that is black lives matter. The brothers talked about how Jussie’s attempt to bring awareness to the organization only brought division among the American people, further separating the party lines.This has been a tactic of the left for quite some time now and finally an example was caught on camera. If you care about truth and are sick of the hypocrisy of leftist celebrities, then you’re definitely going to want to tune in to this very revealing video.

In this episode the Smith Bros accompanied by their oldest brother Philip Smith; Talked about a couple of different topics, one being Ketanji Brown Jackson’s qualifications for the Supreme court, and the other being about the iconic Will Smith slap. All three brothers agreed that Ketanji Brown Jackson was absolutely not qualified for the position. In Supreme court nominee’s past she has on numerous occasions been lenient on perdophiles; Shortening their sentences, giving them 0 jail time, or even not having them register on sex offender lists. That alone would make you think, this lady might not be the one for the job. Well it didn’t end there. Kentaji Brown Jackson in the midst of her hearings when asked point blank what she thought a woman was; she could not answer the question. She says and I quote “I am not a biologist.” The brothers talked about how that one simple response disqualified her officially from being able to be impartial when interpreting the constitution, which is in fact the job she would be hired for. The brothers also talked about the Will Smith event at the oscars. The brothers talked about how they believed that entire incident was staged. They proclaimed that the only reason this happened was to boost the plummeting views the Oscars have been having over the past couple of years. Not to mention that it was talked about all over the mainstream media; Meanwhile the war in Ukraine is happening, and the U.S just signed a bill that would be giving the Ukraine billions of dollars. If you want to hear about how a woke judge wormed her way to the top, and how the Will Smith incident is a joke then you’re definitely going to want to tune into this episode.

In this episode the Smith Brothers cover the Biden administration’s attempt to implement their ministry of truth. The brothers went through the history of all the other countries who also had similar goals and where they ended up. First up on the List was none other than the big bad himself Adolf Hitler. Adolf in his rise to power knew that in order to really sway the Germans to get on board with his plans, and to oppress the Jewish people he would need to get control over all the media. His plan was to create “the truth”. Hitlers tactics were spewing nothing but propaganda all day every day. Things were said like The German race is the superior race, and also things like the Jewish people are the devil. The brothers reported on Hitler and other world leaders at the Ministry of Truth. Titus and Isaac have made it very clear in their videos that if we don’t look at our past, and the past of other countries, then we are doomed to repeat the exact same mistakes. So hearing of the Biden administration’s plans to create their own, the brothers made it their mission to warn the people of the potential dangers involved with this organization.

In this episode the Smith Bros talk about the controversy that surrounded Lia Thomas and his decision to compete in the NCAA women’s 500 yard  freestyle race. Lia Thomas was the very first ever transgender woman to compete at the highest level of collegiate sports. Lia Thomas when he competed in the men’s division he ranked at a very low. He was ranked around 500 overall in his sport. After transitioning Lia moved from 500th over all to ranking 1st overall in women’s collegiate swim. The brothers talked about how regardless of whether or not Lia Thomas believes he’s a woman, he clearly has a biological advantage over all the women he would compete against. The brothers came against all of the woke mob that tried to defend Lia’s choice; Saying things like she believes she’s a woman so she’s a woman, and It doesn’t harm anyone at all. The brothers tore that argument up in this video. The point of this video wasn’t focused around transgender people and whether or not that’s okay, the premise of the video was to bring awareness to the potential danger this brings to women sports. We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to showcase their talents, and men being able to compete in women’s sports will remove that equal opportunity.


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