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Kyle Rittenhouse


5 Chicago News –

In this article by a Chicago news team they give more of an overarching view of all the events that transpired. From Kyle Rittenhouse’s decision to go to Kenosha, to the very moment he was acquitted of all charges. This article was good for us because it reminded us of all the events that occurred. We all heard of Kyle Rittenhouse and what he did. From the jump there was lots of controversy that surrounded this topic. People on the right would say that Kyle was only there to protect the business, and that he clearly acted in self defense. The people on the left would say that Kyle is clearly a racist, and that he was only there to shoot black people. Well as you read this article the truth is clear as day.

New York Times

In this article the New York Times tries to explain the verdict of the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial; while still trying to be as biased as possible. They still paint Kyle as villain the only thing they’re really reporting is the fact that he was acquitted, every other word paints Mr. Rittenhouse to be the racist bigot who got away with murder. We used this article as a reference point to show the absolute bias of Liberal journalists who refuse to tell the full truth. Unlike most articles that would say they got it wrong about Kyle, and call out the celebrities who were defaming him; they continued to be biased.


Jussie Smollet


Chicago Tribune –

In this article the Chicago tribune shares the story of one of the stars in the hit tv series Empire Jussie Smollet. In this article Jussie claimed to have been walking down the streets of Chicago, when two white Trump supporters started yelling racial, and anti gay slurs at Jussie. Police reported that he was hit with a chemical substance and then had a rope tied around his neck by the culprits until police showed up to stop the brutal assault. So this article shows exactly what was reported, and what was released on all mainstream media platforms for everyone to see.


In this article by the BBC it covers how after the video of Jussie Smollet blatantly lying about being beat up by racist Trump supporters. Months later a video was released of Jussie on the same day he was beat by “Racist homophobic Trump supporters” two black men were paid by smollet and then they proceded to beat up smollet. After all of this evidence was revealed Jussie went to trial completely denying setting up such a scheme. He claims it’s all a conspiracy, and that he would absolutely never do something like that; despite there being evidence proving otherwise.

Ketanji Brown Jackson


The NewYorker –

In this article by the NewYorker they talk about the Ketanji Brown Jackson hearing as it was happening. This being an article from the NewYorker, you have to expect a strong left wing bias. In this article it starts with explaining what left wing senators asked her, and their sparkling recommendation for the nominee. Afterwards it mentions a few of the many concerns that right wing politicians had about Ketanji Brown Jackson, but immediately after showing their concerns the article proceeded to read that their claims are completely false. With any amount of research on the nominee you would find that the many claims, especially that of her leniency towards pedophiles were not only 100% true; there were hundreds of cases proving this claim.


Will Smith Slap


The Conversation –

In this article by the conversation they explain that Will Smith was banned from attending the Oscars for the next 15 years. In this episode of the SMITHBROS most of the video was talking about the conspiracy that surrounded this event. All three brothers agreed that the Will Smith slap was staged. When you look at the facts it becomes more obvious as to why we’d guess that. The Oscars have been dwindling in numbers for quite a few years now. The mainstream news media only covered the slap for a number of days, meanwhile there were a number of horrible things happening in the world that were getting zero coverage.




Ministry of Truth –

In this article by the Hill they explain what the Disinformation and Governance board (commonly known as the Ministry of Truth) is and all the details that surround this. This new sect of the government would be run by none other than Nina Jankowicz, someone who is well known for claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation, not to mention she also would say that Trump was in bed with Russia throughout his entire presidency. So out of all the people the Biden administration could have picked, they decided to go with a far left leaning anti Trumper. This article does a great job of explaining how idiotic the idea of putting someone who is not bipartisan at all in a position like this. The brothers use this article to prove how dumb the idea was. Also the brothers highlighted the events of world history’s past. Talking about world leaders like Adolf Hitler, and Joseph Stalin talking about their brand new great ideas to start their own ministry of truth. They explain that this brand new sect of the government wasn’t about protecting the truth, but more about controlling the narrative at all times.


Newsweek –

In this article by news week they explain the pause that was put on the creation of the Disinformation and governance board; Which I believe was put on a pause in Large part because of the backlash they received from Conservative Republican party, who made it very clear they didn’t stand for this anti free speech idea.

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